Gallifrey Pierce: Week 11

A/N: Adult warning content applies, gets a bit steamy in some parts. But that shouldn’t surprise any of you readers.


EIGHTEEN!!! I’m freaking free!!! Seriously, I am so ready to drop out of school and get my life on track. I’ve been dying for this day since I was fourteen and started high school. Who needs school anyways? Einstein didn’t and look at him. Yeah, I am so not going back to that hell hole.

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Bowen Jamison/Rogue Hero: Week 10

A/N: Wolverine and Rogue Hero are from my Dual Legacy, Heroes and Villains.  I have taken some liberties with the characters, including changing their birth order.  Bowen only has half a week left before Rey takes over as torch holder, so the other half of my week’s game time will involve Rogue.

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Build-A-House Comp!

Hello, all! OPB and I are excited to announce that we, along with mmmtoast, are hosting a building competition over at! Take a look if you get a chance–it should be really fun! (You will have to register to see the thread if you haven’t already, but registration is free and easy.)


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Reaver Pierce: Week 9

A/N: This chapter is dedicated to the greatest and most amazing blog I have ever read! It’s the most addicting thing ever, and I DO NOT WANT IT TO END! Open-mouthed smile

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A Different Kind of Torch Holder Poll…

Okay, so as you all know, this is a joint challenge.  So, that means each of us controls one character per generation.  As such, we’ve come up with a fun way to get your input on which one of us will control who in generation 2!

We have already chosen who will be the next torch holder.  What we need you to choose is the spouse!  The torch holder’s gender preference is undecided (Bowen asked, to be sure), so we’ve included both males and females in the poll.

Okay, so here’s the deal.  Each of the authors has chosen a few characters from each of her other blogs.  You vote for whichever one you like best (mostly based on looks, since we won’t be listing the traits).  If the winning character is from one of OPB’s blogs, she will control that character and Styx will control the torch holder.  If the winning character is from one of Styx’s blogs, she’ll control that character and OPB will control the torch holder.

Got it?  Good, let’s get to the candidates!  (Caution, some spoilers ahead from some of these blogs!) In no particular order:

Leslie Rain
from Different Rain

Stone Crazy
from The Crazy Crazies

Bliss Crazy
from The Crazy Crazies

Simon Tragedy
from Tragedy: A Family’s Legacy

Jennifer Tragedy
from Tragedy: A Family’s Legacy

Oni Rain
from Different Rain

Rogue Hero
from Heroes and Villains

Natasha Blondie-Sorbet
from A Berry Crazy ISBIScreenshot-30

Camille Moss
from A Rolling Stone Gathers No MossScreenshot-31

Richard Moss
from A Rolling Stone Gathers No MossScreenshot-32

Mango Sorbet
from A Berry Crazy ISBIScreenshot-33

So, have fun picking, but remember, only one will win…but any of them would be a fun addition! Smile

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Bowen Jamison: Week 8


I whistled cheerfully as I cracked another egg into my bowl.  Today, I would not burn the pancakes–I was determined, this time!  The least I could do for the kids was to give them a decent breakfast.

They’d all been through so much, lately.


I tried to keep that though firmly in my mind as Rose wordlessly grabbed a plate of my very adequate pancakes, and moped her way towards the table.

“A reminder, for posterity, Rose:  You’re to come straight home after school.”

“Duh, Dad.  I know what ‘grounded’ means.”  She rolled her eyes, and I tried not to let her attitude affect my unusually chipper mood.  She was the one who’d chosen to sneak out and break curfew.

She was having the worst time of all three kids adjusting to the way things were now.  River Song was pretty quiet, lately, but at least she’d let me give her a kiss goodnight, usually.  Rose wanted nothing to do with me, for the most part.


Gallifrey, on the other hand, was always excited to see me after the weekends he spent with his Papa.  The first night they were all dropped off at my new place, I thought he’d never stop hugging me.


The two youngest had both had difficulty sleeping in a new environment, so I’d offered to read them a story.  River shook her head, though, and pointed to Rose.  “You want me to read you a story?” Rose asked.  River nodded, and Rose led her to the bookshelf to pick something out.

I felt a little hurt that neither said goodnight, but at least Rey was willing to talk to me.


He jabbered on and on during the story, asking me questions about the characters and the plot.  Soon, though, his eyes began to droop, and his head slipped off his hand and fell gently onto the pillow.


Hmm.  I hadn’t really intended for him to fall asleep in my bed.  I yawned as quietly as I could and winced when my jaw cracked.  I briefly contemplated sleeping in Rey’s bed, but hell, I’d bought this bed because of it’s foam topper, and I was going to sleep on it!


Gallifrey is not the best sleeper, though.  I swear he must have woken me up thirty times, kicking me or throwing an arm over my face.  It’s been weeks, now, and he still refuses to sleep in his own bed when he’s here.  Looks like I have myself a permanent bed-mate.

I had to admit, it was less lonely that way.


River, however, claimed the top bunk in the girls’ room as soon as she first walked in.  Rose conceded gracefully.  As angry as I was at my oldest for the way she talked to me, I had to admit that she was a wonderful big sister.


Still, I was getting pretty sick of the silent treatment.  Rose had been doing wonderfully other than that–she was never late home from school, and always did her homework right away.  Despite her frosty glares, she was doing everything I’d asked.


Which is why I decided to give her a break.

“So, Rose, I hear prom is tomorrow night.  Has anyone asked you to go?”

She scoffed.  “They all know I’m grounded.”

“Well, you can tell them you’ve earned your way out of it.  Sentence lifted.”

She stopped pretending to read and darted her eyes toward me.  “…Really?”

“Really.”  And for the first time in a long time, I’d earned a smile from my teenager.  Not only that, she actually gave me a hug!  “Thank you, Daddy!  Thank you, thank you!”


In the end, she had to go stag, because everyone else had already found someone to go with.  She was still very excited, even though she refused to consider wearing a dress.


When she got home, however, her eyes told me she’d been disappointed with her experience.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked her.  It looked like she was holding back tears as she shook her head and ran to her room.


I hated seeing her so crestfallen, but I knew if I forced her to talk about it, she’d just go right back to hating my guts.  She got over it after a few days, anyway.  I know the real problem is that she wants me to let Reaver back into my life…but I just can’t.

I spent so many years trying to make things work between the two of us, but he had let me down early on with the kids, and then he’d gone and kissed another man.  I just couldn’t trust him with my heart again, even with all we’d been through.


I had a new life now–we all did.  As much as the kids seemed to enjoy being at my house, they still seemed to have a rough time adjusting between Reave’s house and mine.  I thought maybe if they each had something to occupy their efforts, maybe they’d be happier.


So, I signed them all up for after school activities.  I was hopeful they’d find some enjoyment, or at least distraction, that way.


River’s ballet happened on the same night as Rey’s scouting, so they’d often just wait at the school and do their homework until it was time for their activities to begin.


As for me, I’d started working again.  I love kids, and this new house was set up perfectly for little ones, so opening my own home daycare seemed like a no-brainer.  It didn’t take me too long to get certified, and soon I had a couple of regulars.


Brenton and Dana were pretty cool kids.  I had fun watching them learn new things every day.


The kids’ moms seemed to really dig the fact that I was a man running a daycare.  They kept looking at me hungrily, and I had to wonder that, if I wanted to, I probably could have arranged a few midnight meetups with them…  They both had husbands, and it made me sad to think that so few people in this world are faithful.


It seemed as though the activities were helping.  Rose, River, and Rey were doing a lot better.  It was still awkward to meet Reaver for our custody exchange every other weekend, but it was getting easier for all of us.  I don’t know what Reaver had been doing with his time.  I never asked.


“C’mon, Rey, time for bed.”

“Aw, Dad..just 5 more minutes?”

“Dad’s going out tonight, remember?  If you want a story, it’s gotta be now, bud.”

Yep, it had been months since I really got out of the house, so I decided it was about time I tried to mingle with society again for a night.  Brenton’s dad had mentioned that the bar down the road had the best onion rings, so I figured I’d start there.


Almost as soon as I walked in, my eyes were drawn to a good-lookin’ cowboy standing by the bar.  Before I could let myself wuss out, I walked up to him and introduced myself.  His name was Kidd, I discovered.


We had a good time that night, talking and laughing and even flirting a little.  It was the first time I’d looked at someone that way since Reave.  As fun and exciting as it was, though, I just…wasn’t ready.  I bade Kidd a warm good night without giving him my number, and headed home satisfied.


Since Rose started Shop class, things between the two of us had calmed down a lot.  Occasionally, though, she skipped school, and I couldn’t just sit on my hands.

“Rose, what the hell are you still doing here?  It’s past ten in the morning!”


“I missed the bus Dad, for Christ’s sake!  Chill!”

“No, I will not chill!  Truancy is a serious offense. We could both get in trouble.”  So, she spent time grounded off and on.  I guess that’s the way with any teenager.  Which was daunting, because I was soon to have a couple more on my hands.


River chose to have her party at Reave’s.  She’s kept her interesting sense of style, that’s for sure, but she’s beautiful in her own unique way, and I’m very proud of her.  Sometimes it’s difficult, just because looking at her reminds me so much of Reaver. 

That old pain is more of an ache now, but it still hurts from time to time.


Since the girls were older now, I gave their room a much-needed teen makeover; decked out in their favorite colors.  Black for Rose, and aqua for River.  They both kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug–even Rose. 


Time seemed to fly, and soon it was Gallifrey’s turn to join the world of angst and mood swings.  He and I had become very close over the years, and he decided to have his party at my house.


Rey was a funny kid; he preferred his own company to the company of others, and often engaged in make-believe and fantasy.  He never talked about having many friends at school. 


When I asked him if there were any girls–or boys, for that matter–who piqued his interest, he just shrugged and said he hadn’t met anyone he thought of in that manner.  I think he was maybe a little shy and self-conscious.  His years in scouting had left him with a love of science and nature, and that seemed to occupy most of his interest, for the time being.


I redid his room, as well, in his favorite color, lilac.  I was pretty nervous when it was finished and he looked at it for the first time, because he didn’t say anything right away.


“Well, son, do you like it?  Don’t keep me in suspense!”


“It’s great, Dad!  I love it!  It’s just…Hey, Dad…”  Rey shuffled his feet.

“Spit it out, Rey.”

“Well, it’s just that Papa misses us so much.  I thought that, maybe now we’re older, we could spend a little more time with him?  We can see it on his face when we’re there…he’s so lonely and…lost without us.  We love you, Dad, but we love him, too.  Will you think about it?”

I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach.  Rey was the one who’d been happiest here!  He was my little buddy, and even he wanted more time with Reaver?  As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t deny that the kids were more than old enough to have a say in this decision.


The next day when the kids were at school, I made the hardest phone call of my life.

“Hey, Reave…I know, just hear me out.  The kids miss you, and I know you miss them.  How would you like to have them every other week?”

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Reaver Pierce: Week 7


I fucked up. I fucked it all up! If I hadn’t talked about the concert first, I might have had a chance with Bowen. I should have asked him out first. I shouldn’t have even brought up the concert until we were both heading there. What have I done!

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Reaver Pierce and Bowen Jamison: Week 7

This chapter is written by both StyxLady and Orangeplumbob
Reaver’s point of view will be told in regular text, and Bowen’s in italics.


A few years of marriage and both Bowen and I are happy for once. There wasn’t much going on for a while in our household. We taught Rey how to use the “big boy’s potty.” Both of the girls were in school, albeit not always enjoying it. Still life couldn’t get much better.

That was until recently. . . 

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Bowen Jamison: Week 6

***This update contains very adult material.  I mean, all our chapters have, but especially this one.***


I pulled my arms from around Reaver as if he’d suddenly turned scalding hot, and sat silently for a few minutes, digesting what he’d told me.  To his credit, he didn’t offer excuses or plead for forgiveness…he just waited for me to speak.


Finally, I asked him the question that I couldn’t get out of my mind.  “Do you even love me anymore?”


“Yes.  I still love you–only you.”


I nodded, lips pursed, and went off to put River to bed.  Reaver remained staring straight ahead on the couch.


“There there, Riv,” I said soothingly.  “Time for night-night.  Daddy loves you.”  I felt like I should be crying, but I was more angry than sad.


I watched our two beautiful girls for a while as they slept, and some of that anger began to melt away. 


I checked on Gallifrey, and he was sleepy, but awake.  Just cooing in his crib.  I thought about what it would be like to break up with Reaver.  I’d have to move out–leave the kids.  This was Reave’s house, not mine.  I had nowhere to go–at least, nowhere I could bring the kids with me.  The thought made me suddenly and violently nauseated.


I dashed to the kids’ bathroom and emptied my stomach.  I started to wash my mouth out with mouthwash, but then I heard Rey getting fussy and went to him.


I looked into his tiny face, and that’s when the tears finally came.  I held my son close and cried and cried.  Reaver had hurt me, badly, but I knew he’d only done it because I’d hurt him first.  Actually, we’d been taking turns hurting each other for years.  It was time to put an end to all that.


The next morning was Gallifrey’s birthday, and I asked Rosie if she’d mind waking up her papa, who was still asleep. 


He came out in his PJs and put on a happy show for the kids.  Why is it that all the birthdays lately have been times of emotional upheaval?


Still, seeing our beautiful boy grow into a happy toddler solidified a plan that had begun to take place in my mind.


Reave took Rey to the play room, so I took the opportunity to make a little phone call.


First, though, I swore Rose to secrecy.  She grinned and gave me a wink, and promised she wouldn’t tell.

“Yes, SimStar Travel?  Two tickets to France, please.”


Since the kids were all older now, I felt comfortable leaving them in the hands of a sitter while Reaver and I got some “us time.”  I figured a romantic getaway was just what we needed to fix our problems, once and for all.

As soon as we arrived at our bed and breakfast, Reave turned to me with his eyes wide.  I hadn’t told him where we were going.  “What’s going on, Bo?  Aren’t you mad at me?”  He looked like he felt so guilty.  I put my forehead to his and closed my eyes. 

“Reave, we’ve got to start treating each other better.  No matter what, we’re a family.  Our kids need us.  Remember how distressed Rose was when you were gone from the house?  We can’t allow them to grow up in a broken home.  We have a responsibility to them to be a happy family.”

I moved my mouth against his in a slow kiss, and he moaned softly.  “Besides,” I whispered seductively, “I feel like I have to prove to you that no one can set off fireworks for you like I can…”


Before I knew it, we were checked in and up in our room, and Reave was half-naked.


“I love you very much, Reaver, and I intend to show you just how much.  That’s what this trip is about.”


We kissed like we hadn’t kissed in months.  It was like our relationship had started over again.


Things quickly started getting frantic, and my pants suddenly felt very tight.  I eagerly pushed myself on top of Reave and struggled to unzip my fly as my other hand played around inside his boxer-briefs.  Reave’s eyes rolled back into his head as he whispered my name.


Needless to say, we didn’t spend much of our first night in France sleeping.  In the morning, I said, “Now what was the name of the other guy you kissed?”

Reaver just grinned at me as my hand caressed him under the covers.  “What other guy?”

“Damn right,” I smirked back at him.  Then I tagged him playfully on the arm, jumped up, and started to run out the door.  “You’re it!”

He called after me: “Tag?  But we’re not dressed!  We could get in trouble with the B&B!”

“Chicken!” I yelled back.

That did it.  I heard his feet pounding behind me as I giggled and took off outside.


We chased each other around for a while, until I ran out of breath and Reave caught up to me and slapped me on the butt.  “Gotcha!”  I was doubled over, trying to catch my breath, and all of a sudden I felt something else stroking against me back there, and that something was very hard.  I could hear Reave’s harsh breathing as he pulled down our underwear just enough to enter me for a few enjoyable thrusts, made all the more exhilarating by the fact that someone could walk out into the court yard at any moment.  Sure it was still early, probably about 5am, but still.


I couldn’t take it anymore.  I needed him right now.  I turned around and kissed him forcefully, nibbling his bottom lip as he groaned with need.

We didn’t leave our room at the B&B until dusk.



We did take some time later in the evening to actually see some of France.  We at at a quaint little café…


…And visited the nectary, where we sampled all kinds of delicious beverages which made our bellies feel warm.  We even bought a few to take home with us.


That night, we were pretty exhausted, so we caught up on some much-needed sleep.  It seems like I never get a full night’s sleep at home, with the little ones always clamoring for attention.

Not that I mind, too much.  In fact, we’d only been away for a day, and already I was missing them.  Reave said he was, too, and we both had dreams about them as we slept.


Reaver also had a nightmare in the middle of the night.  I awoke about 3am to him whimpering, “No, Shower, I sold you!  No, no!”  I snorted a quiet laugh and wrapped my arms around him.  “Shhh, Babe, it’s okay.  Shower’s long gone.  Rest easy.”  After that, he slept peacefully, and I drifted back to sleep without any trouble.


The next morning, it was time to implement Part 2 of my Plan.  I took Reave to what was supposed to be the most magical and romantic locale in Champs le Sims.  Why an old Celtic burial ground was considered romantic was beyond me, until we got there.


The place was up on a hill, and we could see for miles–all the beautiful French countryside.  The stones around us stood as a testament to an older, more mystical time.  The effect was intoxicating.


Reave held my hands in his own, and as I turned back to him after staring at the view, I caught him gazing at me wistfully.


The sight caused me to choke up a little, and a very special moment passed between us, until Reave turned away as a tear fell down his cheek.


“Reave?  What’s wrong?”

“God, Bo, I’m so sorry I cheated on you like that.  I really feel like the scum of the Earth, especially since you’re being so nice to me.”


“Hey, I thought we were over that?  What, would you rather I yell and scream and break up with you?”

“No…I just…half expected you to.”

“Well, I have a better idea.”

Reave looked at me questioningly.


I dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring I’d bought especially for him.  “Let’s put away all the hurt we’ve caused each other in the past, and start fresh.


“Reaver Pierce, please, will you marry me?  For the love of God, don’t say no!”

My stomach clenched as his eyes widened in shock, and I anxiously awaited his answer.

“Yes, Bowen, yes, yes!  Yes I’ll marry you!”


Sliding the ring on his finger was one of the best moments of my life to date.


Reave just looked at me and started crying.  I think he could hardly believe we were finally engaged.


We held onto each other for I don’t know how many minutes, just basking in the glow of our renewed love.


“Reaver, I don’t think we should wait.  What better place to make it official than right here, in the middle of a Fairy Ring?”


“Well, it just so happens,” Reaver said as he pulled something out of his pocket, “that I’ve been carrying this around with me since you turned me down the last time.”

I laughed. “I can’t believe you brought my ring!”


And so, we exchanged vows and rings with only the stones and a distant hot-air balloon as witnesses.  And we were finally one.


We celebrated our union back at the B&B that night, and the next day I tried to convince Reave to come exploring with me, but he decided he’d rather play some music.


So, I went exploring by myself, and I even found some old ruins with all kinds of coins, gems, and relics inside!  No one seemed to know it was all there, so I didn’t think twice. 

I took it all.


France was amazing, but there’s nothing like coming home.  I was anxious to see how the kids had fared while we were away.  Luckily, when we walked in the door, the place was filled with the happy sounds of River tapping away at the xylophone.


I ran to her and tossed her in the air, saying, “Hi baby girl!  Daddy’s home!  Oh, we missed you so much!”  She giggled and giggled.


Rey and Rose were happy to see us, as well.  Rose could tell something had changed between her Papa and me, and she shrewdly noticed the new rings on our fingers.  She squealed with happiness and hugged us both.  When she got to me, she whispered “I knew it would work!” into my ear. 


Life slowly returned to the usual grind of potty training, and work for Reave, but it was definitely different.  Reave’s depression had lifted, and he helped with the kids a lot more, which made teaching them their life skills a hell of a lot easier.


The kids could all sense the new calm which had taken over our household, and even they got along better.  River Song and Gallifrey often played with their toys together, and only conked each other on the head with them about once a week, instead of every day.


Rose enjoyed being the big sister.  She was very responsible about getting her homework done, and she loved to tell the littler kids what was what.


“Papa gone?” River would ask.

“Yes, sweetie, Papa’s at work,” Rose would respond in the most adult-like voice she could muster.  They were all growing up too quickly, but I think Rose wished it would happen even faster.


Reave and I made a habit of eating at least one meal a day together at the table.  We used that time to talk and tell each other about our day.


I continued my strength training, and I could definitely tell it was bringing some changes.  My legs and arms felt stronger every day.


Still, I felt like something was missing from my life.  I wanted a job–a way to contribute to our family finances.  I didn’t want the normal 9-5, so I decided I would become a self-employed photographer.  Reave was very supportive of my idea, and I couldn’t wait to get started trying to sell my work.


Before we knew it, it was River’s birthday.  We through an honest-to-God party for her, with guests and everything.


For the first time in a long time, we had a birthday free of any background heartache, other than the bittersweet feeling of watching our daughter grow up.


River had a very interesting sense of fashion, and she looks exactly like her papa.


But as I watched her work out to the “Feel the Burn” station on the TV that evening, I knew that she had at least a little of her daddy in her, too.


Note to OPB: OMG, they’re finally MARRIED!  Can you believe it??  I was ready to wipe Reave from existence if he refused Bo this  Also, when you get the save back from me, check the family inventory–Bo’s been busy!  Haha.

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Reaver Pierce: Week 5 Part 2


I didn’t know where I was going to head at first. I found myself, though, heading towards the bar in downtown Barnacle Bay. I walked in and sat down at the first stool. I didn’t really notice anyone around me at first, not even the bartender. When I heard him say, “Be with you in a sec.” I finally looked up. And when I did my heart nearly stopped. DAMN! He’s hot!

I don’t know what it was about him, but it suddenly felt like all the hate inside me was disappearing. Then he started to come towards me, and my heart pounded more and more. “What can I get for ya?”

“Uh… uh… um…” My mouth and my mind were not in sync’d. I was stuttering and totally caught in the moment with my tongue hanging out.

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